Our products boast a number of sustainability certifications, including the MSC, ASC, Global GAP and Bio labels


We’ve been committed to sustainability within our product range for years. As such, our products boast a number of sustainability certifications, including the MSC, ASC, Global GAP and Bio labels. We source our raw materials from around the world and visit our suppliers several times a year in order to guarantee the desired quality for our customers.

Increasing the sustainability of the fish industry still further is an important Profish goal. We therefore work closely with NGOs in order to make additional improvements to our fish range where necessary, and to further enhance customer and end user knowledge of sustainable trade.

In addition to the responsible sourcing of raw materials, we’ve also made great strides in improving the sustainability of our business. This can be evidenced by our transition to green energy, the full separation of waste in all production streams, and our use of high-frequency lighting and energy-saving packaging.

ASC stands for Aquaculture Stewardship Council. The ASC administers a label for responsibly farmed fish. It is comparable to the MSC certification for wild fish, but for farmed species, such as salmon, pangasius or tropical prawns.

This independent, global organisation was founded in 2010 by the WWF and Dutch IDH. The ASC label aims to reduce the negative impact of fish farming. The label has strict rules pertaining to the reduced use of antibiotics, more sustainable fish feed and improved working conditions for staff. Their standards were established in close consultation with environmental organisations, such as the WWF, as well as farmers, supermarkets and scientists.

Fish with an independent ASC label comes from farms that limit their impact on water, nature and the environment, take good care of their employees and consider local residents. By choosing for fish with an ASC label, you can be confident that you’re purchasing responsibly farmed fish.

ASC works closely with suppliers such as Profish Food, not only to ensure that consumers are educated about the ASC label, but also to ensure an increased availability of ASC certified fish in our supermarkets. Click here for more information about the ASC label.

The Marine Stewardship Council is an international non-profit organisation. Their vision is for a return to oceans that are teeming with life, and the safeguarding of fish, crustacean and shellfish stocks for our and future generations.

The blue MSC ecolabel and certification programs recognise and reward sustainable fisheries and encourage positive change both in the industry sector and in the water. As a result, you as a consumer can be confident that there is plenty of fish, even for future generations.

The MSC label on fish, crustacean and shellfish product indicates that:

- the product is fully traceable to a sustainable source;

- this sustainable source is a wild capture fishery that has been certified by an independent third party according to MSC standards.

More than 285 fisheries in some 35 countries are MSC certified. Out of a total global catch of approximately 9 million tonnes, around 10% is annually assessed according to the scientific requirements of the MSC standard for environmentally responsible and sustainable fishing. Over 20,000 unique products now boast the MSC ecolabel worldwide.

Virtually every retailer in the Netherlands aims to have 100% of their wild capture fish MSC certified. This requires a certain amount of inventiveness and perseverance on the part of the supplier, because they can only choose from a limited selection. The MSC is therefore delighted to work with Profish Food, who are considered a genuine driving force in sustainable fish within the Dutch retail sector.

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